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SAN ANTONIO: Anti-Gay Groups Launch Recall Drive Against City Officials

Almost immediate after San Antonio passed an ordinance that added LGBT residents to employment and housing protections, anti-gay groups have launched a recall drive against Mayor Julian Castro and the members of the city council who voted for the measure. The San Antonio Current reports:
After council members in Districts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (plus the Mayor) cast ‘yes’ votes to include LGBT groups in the City’s current Non-discrimination ordinances, a strategy to unseat the majority of council began. Martinez says the plan ranges from knocking on doors to showing up wherever council members may be— from public and community meetings to member-hosted events—with the mission to collect signatures. The faction says they’re even planting themselves outside district field offices with the hopes of wrangling in more petitioners. The ordinance opponents need 6,000 signatures from registered voters (valid 180 days from the first signer) to begin the recall process for council members and 75,000 for Castro.
City Councilman Diego Bernal reacts: "If these people want me out of office simply because I want to treat everyone in this city fairly and equally, it says more about them than it does about me."  Organizers of the recall drive were reportedly emboldened by the recall of two pro-gun control Colorado legislators earlier this month. San Antonio's ordinance, which is similar to those in 21 states and dozens of cities nationwide, has been attacked by the Family Research Council and Pat Robertson, who claims that Christians will now be jailed.

RELATED: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has retreated on his vow to sue San Antonio over the ordinance.

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