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Twerking Record Set In Herald Square

Gothamist reports:
Big Freedia had plans to set a new world record for most people twerking at one time and in one place. At 12:15 this afternoon in Herald Square she made good on that claim, with the help of over 300 twerkers. Big Freedia led a crowd that brought together hip hop kids, well-dressed businessmen, over-eager tourists, and even a couple of gray-haired ladies who looked a lot like our moms. Clearly, twerking is a populist movement. Twerking belongs to no one; twerking belongs to all of us. The crowd at Herald Square was divided by barricades into twerkers and onlookers as participants were given a wristband, tallied by Guinness World Records staff (Big Freedia wasn't fooling around here) and handed a flyer that outlined specific rules for what would qualify as an acceptable twerk.

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