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Boy Scouts To Lutheran Church: You Can Kick Out Gay Scouts If They Talk About It

From an agreement between Boy Scouts USA and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod comes a version of Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
Resolved, That The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod will respect the membership standard of the Boy Scouts of America, including the stipulation that membership in Scouting may not be denied to a child on the basis of sexual attraction alone, and the further stipulation that the local pastor of the chartering congregation and the leaders of the local troop have the authority to set boundaries, including the determination of whether a Scout is promoting a particular social or political agenda, advocating for a moral view that is inconsistent with the church, or becoming a distraction to the troop, and take such action to enforce set boundaries up to and including removal from the troop.
(Tipped by JMG reader David)

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