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FL Radio Host Urges Listeners To Jam Obamacare Lines And Thwart Enrollment

"I am asking all of you who care about the future of this nation to simply do two things: 1) Set aside some time to place a phone call to the official Obama Care Exchange Hotline (number below) . When you get someone on the line ask as many questions about Obama care that you can come up with. Take lots of time. If you can make at least three calls next week that will add up if thousands or even millions of us do it! This will be effective because if we overload the system with calls from those of us who do not want Obama Care, those seeking this entitlement will not be able to access it as easily thus generating further doubts about the entire program. Please be polite and just occupy as much of his/her time that you can! 2) Please share this with as many friends as you can, social media, whatever source you can use to reach out to others who are not happy with this program! If you have any questions please feel free to call me at: 239-293-9701." - WGUF-FM radio host Joe Whitehead, whose slogan is "Broadcasting Live & Armed!" (Tipped by JMG reader Joel)

WGUF main office: 239-495-8383.

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