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Freep This Hawaii Poll

This poll is related to an exemption in the marriage bill that will be voted on by the Hawaii legislature in the special session that Gov. Neil Abercrombie has called for October 28th.
The current draft exempts religious organizations and related facilities from hosting gay marriages if the facilities aren't used primarily as for-profit businesses. Gary Secor, vicar general of the Catholic Diocese of Honolulu, said the diocese doesn't want to make it easier on legislators who are undecided. "Our position is that we want the bill voted down," Secor said. "We're not supporting this language modification, especially if it would give any legislator an excuse to vote for the bill."
Here's the poll. (Tipped by JMG reader Scott)

RELATED: Anti-gay activists relentlessly cite the case of a New Jersey church which was ruled to have broken the law when it refused to rent their pavilion for a lesbian couple's commitment ceremony. They always conveniently always fail to mention that the venue had sought and received a special property tax abatement which came with the stipulation that the property was to be available for use by all of the public.

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