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ILLINOIS: Activists Protest Outside Office Of Gay State Rep. Greg Harris

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October 26, 2013 outside the invisible Greg Harris's office was the beginning of what is going to be a series of protests throughout the state to politicians to get this message to pass this bill now. They should see this as a warning about how the LGBTQ community is going to vote. We will be watching. We will be waiting. We will not forget. We WILL run better candidates against those Democratic legislators who fail to live up to doing the right thing for all Illinois citizens.

CBS Chicago has more:
Harris is openly gay and a sponsor of the bill, but the activists say he has been virtually invisible in recent weeks. Activist Andy Thayer says Harris should be arguing more forcefully to Speaker Michael Madigan for a vote on the floor of the Illinois House. Thayer says Madigan has no excuse. “And he has used that power for any number of odious measures to benefit the fat cats and the politically connected. He can use that same power to pass something that is truly popularly supported around the state and he has failed thus far to do it,” said Thayer. The activists say that if Madigan won’t call the bill or it goes on to defeat, Harris should resign his seat in protest.

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