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Kathleen Kane Vs Daryl Metcalfe

"The citizens of this great Commonwealth should be revolted that a politician such as Rep. Metcalfe is attempting to thwart an independent Attorney General from doing her job by using such a measure. I have never been afraid of or backed down from bullies. In fact, bullies strengthen my resolve to protect those who need it the most – the people of Pennsylvania. I will never be deterred by selfish rants of those who want Pennsylvania to belong to the few. We thrive on the principles of government for the people, by the people. I will continue to be the Attorney General you elected me to be." - Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who is the target of an impeachment campaign by crackpot state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe because she refused to defend the state against a marriage lawsuit.

RELATED: After the DOMA ruling in June, Metcalfe used a parliamentary procedure to thwart openly gay state Rep. Brian Sims from speaking about the win on the chamber floor. Metcalfe has introduced constitutional bans on same-sex marriage for the last three years.

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