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Man Killed By Truck While Walking To Honor Bullied Son Who Committed Suicide

Tragedy upon tragedy. KATU-TV reports:
Joe Bell had a message for gay teens suffering from bullying who might be contemplating suicide: “It’ll get better.” He was spreading that message during a walk across the country – from Oregon to New York City. Joe was walking in honor of his son Jadin. The 15-year-old boy was gay and suffered from bullying. He hanged himself on a La Grande school playground in January. A passerby saw Jadin and tried to help, but the boy later died at a Portland hospital. Joe Bell was walking along a rural highway in Colorado on Wednesday evening when he was struck by a semi-truck and killed.
Investigators believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel. A fund for the Bell family will be announced on the website that supported Joe Bell's walk. (Tipped by JMG reader Birdie)

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