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NEW ORLEANS: Scam Artist Busted After Bilking Gay Businesses And Charities

There's so much to this bizarre story that I hardly know which bits to excerpt. Here's a starter:
He frequented French Quarter gay bars and claimed to be a tycoon with an investment firm headquartered in Switzerland. He would introduce himself to the city, he promised, with a grand, glittering party he called “Indulge,” scheduled for the night of Oct. 24 at the Eiffel Society on St. Charles Avenue. There would be red carpets and seductive costumes; photographers and bottle service. VIP tickets went on sale for $125. People took note of the mysterious out-of-towner, with opulent plans and a backstory that seemed too good to be true, with his age and his origins obscured by thick makeup and plastic surgery. Some found him alluring. Others thought him absurd. But they got tickets in droves to his masquerade ball — until his past caught up with him, just in time for the gala. His real name is Michael Manos. In New Orleans, he went by his 15th alias: Michael Morgan. The media, years ago, dubbed him “the glam scammer.”
The entire story is really fascinating. (Tipped by JMG reader Chris) 

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