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Orlando Cruz KO'd In 7th Round

Boxing Insider reports:
Orlando Cruz is a southpaw and he did not make eye contact with Salido during introductions. Salido is a notoriously slow starter but he did not start slow tonight. Salido was warned for the first of multiple times in the first round for low blows. Cruz was sticking and moving early with his jab but Salido did well when we he went to the body. The second and third rounds were tight and tough but Salido was the man who was landing the much harder punches. The crowd could be heard chanting “Puta, Puta” in the third round. Cruz was landing some decent shots but Salido was not visibly bothered by Cruz’s punches. Cruz had his best round of the night in the fifth. Salido was able to turn the fight back in his favor in the fifth round by going to the body again and was extremely aggressive. The end came in the seventh round when Salido was landing some hard uppercuts. A right hook left uppercut combination sent Cruz to the mat for the full count of ten.

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