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Press Release Of The Day

From the Southern Poverty Law Center:
Rep. Forbes cancelled his planned appearance today at a fundraising luncheon for an anti-gay hate group, the American Family Association, at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. Forbes’ decision comes in the wake of a petition and TV ad campaign by Faithful America, a progressive Christian organization. My organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, also joined together with national civil rights groups to call on Forbes and other public officials to skip the Values Voter Summit. Rep. Forbes apparently realized how bad it would look to spend today raising money for a hate group instead of working on a solution to the government shutdown. He has worked closely with the American Family Association in the past, but we hope this represents a clean break. As we’ve said before, this has nothing to do with one’s position on same-sex marriage or other social issues. Instead we’re talking about a group that blames the Holocaust on gays and says women have no place in political leadership. Mainstream conservatives shouldn’t have anything to do with this kind of bigotry and extremism.
My post about the Faithful American ad campaign is here.

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