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Queers Don't Need A Piece Of Paper

"What's it gonna take to get these queers to realize they don't need a piece of paper. God will not bless their union because he plainly speaks against queers in the Bible. Want to cover your queer with insurance? Buy a policy. Want your queer to get your stuff when you die? Make a will. All I can say is if people want to crucify me that's fine. I know that following Jesus, I'm going to be crucified." - Linda Oliver, mayor of West Union, South Carolina, who doesn't want gay marriage "rammed down my throat." (Tipped by JMG reader Michael.)

RELATED: While Oliver is clearly a vile person, most of the controversy about her statement regards her usage of "queer" - a word that has long divided the LGBT community and one that the above-linked television report would only refer to as "the Q-word." (You may recall the drama when San Francisco Pride's 1993 theme was "Year Of The Queer.") Personally, I've got no problem with "queer," but I definitely get why others feels so strongly about it. Meanwhile, Queer Nation has reemerged and taken the point on the Russian cause here in New York City.

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