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Tens Attend "Ex-Gay Awareness" Soiree

The Christian Post reports that "about 60 Christian leaders and ex-gay individuals" attended yesterday's "First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner," which was held in a super-secret bunker deep under Washington DC.
"When gays come out of the closet they are celebrated in the movies and on TV, when an ex-gay tells his story, he's mocked, ridiculed, defamed – and ask Trace McNutt, he gets death threats," Christopher Doyle, co-founder and president of ex-gay group Voice of the Voiceless, explained. He called for the movement to go on the offensive with the message that people can determine their sexual identity. Doyle emphasized youth outreach, especially to Christians who suffer from same-sex attraction (SSA) but want to still maintain their faith. "Somewhere along the journey, they listened to the lie that they had to rid themselves of all homosexual feelings in order to be loved by their church, their community, and an opposite sex partner, so they gave up and went into the gay lifestyle," the VoV president explained.
Keynote speakers at the dinner were hate group leaders Bishop Harry Jackson and Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver.  Performing the apparent winner of their "ex-gay theme song" contest was Dennis Jernigan, who debuted the surely catchy Rise Up.  Also speaking was PFOX president Greg Quinlan, who regularly testifies against LGBT rights before state legislatures and who once told a television audience that Truth Wins Out founder Wayne Besen had threatened to "inject him with AIDS."

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