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WASHINGTON: Trucker "Patriots" Stage Rolling Slowdown On DC Beltway

Earlier this week some news outlets called the plan a hoax, but it appears that the so-called Ride For The Constitution is underway this morning on the DC beltway.
The Truckers Ride for the Constitution planned to start at 9 a.m. Friday, with truckers driving the 64-mile Capital beltway in eight hour shifts until Sunday afternoon. By about 8:45 a.m., Virginia State Police officials said that about 30 tractor trailers left a stop in Dumfries at about 7:30 with plans to head toward Washington. Meanwhile, in Dumfries, 15 more were spotted bearing the official Twitter hashtag of the ride - #T2SDA. The protest has attracted truckers from as far away as the West Coast and has more than 140,000 supporters on Facebook. “Anybody at all is talking about the truckers coming to shutdown D.C.,” says organizer Ernest Lee. “We've got to stand together. We've got to be united. Guys, we've got to keep it peaceful here. Got to keep it clean."
The group's Facebook page is here.

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