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Woman Screaming "God, You're My Savior!" Disrupts American Airlines Flight

Tampa's WTSP-TV reports:
The video shows a woman repeatedly yelling "God, you're my savior!" as the plane lands. The man narrating the video claims she told fellow passengers her mother recently passed away and asked for prayers, before she escalated into the screaming chant. The narrator says flight attendants asked that he make sure the woman didn't try approaching the plane's back door. Video shows passengers sitting next to the woman trying to calm her down, without any success. A spokesperson for American Airlines tells 10 News they are aware of the incident and that the flight crew assisted the woman during the flight, but did not elaborate further on her condition.
A commenter on Gawker rants: "Why the fuckity-fuck was she NOT restrained? A passenger starts losing it chanting the WASP version of Alahu Akhbar on my flight and no one restrains them and your airline is getting a major lawsuit from me at the end of the day."

(Tipped by JMG reader David)

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