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Brian Brown: I'm Thankful For Jo Jordan

"It's been a tough year for those of us who labor to preserve true marriage, but I am still thankful for so many things. First, I am thankful for the struggle that we're in the midst of experiencing. Though we've suffered some losses, they have been hard-fought and close. I'm thankful for all those who stood with us in the state battles in Delaware, Rhode Island, Illinois and Hawaii. These were all very difficult states for us, yet with your help we waged a principled battle throughout. I am grateful to all those elected officials who were willing to listen to the stories of those who have been denied their religious freedom for honoring their belief in true marriage. Many legislators opposed redefining marriage because of the concern for the impact on others — including the first openly-gay legislator, Rep. Jo Jordan in Hawaii, to vote against redefining marriage. Candidly, I'm grateful that we have our toughest states behind us. For most of the past two years, we've been working in territory where the political deck has been stacked against us from the outset. Thankfully, the battle moves now to states where we are much stronger politically, such as Ohio and Indiana." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, from yesterday's Thanksgiving message.

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