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BRITAIN: Member Of European Parliament Reveals She Is Transgender

After years of denials, a British member of the European Parliament, Nikki Sinclaire, today revealed that she is a transgender woman. Sinclaire says that she believes she is the first trans parliamentarian in British history.
MEP Nikki Sinclaire said she made the decision to undergo surgery over 20 years ago because if she hadn’t she ‘would have led a lonely, neurotic life, forever out of place’. The politician was a member of UKIP, as party secretary, until a falling out with leader Nigel Farage led to her resignation. She has since founded a new party, the single-issue We Demand A Referendum, campaigning for the British public to have the right to decide on EU membership. In a candid interview with The Sun, Ms Sinclaire revealed how she first realised she should have been female at the age of three. ‘It sounds weird, but I knew something was wrong even then — I’ve always felt I was in the wrong body. I remember dressing up as a girl on my first day of school. It then started to happen every day. The other kids knew I was different,’ she said.
RELATED: UKIP, the UK Independence Party, is often characterized as Britain's version of the Tea Party. UKIP has never won a seat in the House Of Commons, but they presently hold nine of the UK's 73 seats in the European Parliament. Sinclaire's just-founded We Demand A Referendum party is vehemently against the policies of David Cameron and as noted above is demanding a public vote on Britain leaving the European Union by 2015.

VIDEO: Sinclaire spoke before the European Parliament earlier this year about her call for Britain to leave the EU.

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