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Christian Hate Group Is Super Very Angry About Losing Senate Meeting Space

"It is shocking that a United States Senator would bow to pressure from these militants and refuse to facilitate the discussion of vital issues affecting children, family, life, and the economy. Groups like HRC have set themselves up as arbiters of what may or may not be discussed at public forums. Instead of meeting us in the marketplace of ideas, they take the low road of smears and intimidation, seeking to foreclose the healthy debate that's vital to a democracy. The Congress is part of the United States government, and - as such - should be open to all points of view. What other groups would HRC like to keep from exercising their First Amendment rights in this regard - the Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, most African-American churches, all of which disagree with the sexual radicals on one or more family issues?" - Larry Jacobs, managing director the World Congress Of Families, which has colluded with NOM president Brian Brown in furthering Russia's pogrom of hate and violence against LGBT people and whose members have endorsed Uganda's still-pending death penalty for homosexuals. (Via press release)
BACK STORY: The World Congress of Families was booted out of its Senate office building meeting space last week by GOP Sen. Mark Kirk (IL), whose spokesman declared that Kirk "does not associate with groups that discriminate." House Speaker John Boehner then stepped in to allow WCF access to House office space, where their meeting did take place.

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