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Damage Control From Brian Brown

"Dear Joe, The ball is in our court. Same-sex 'marriage' activists have launched an unprecedented assault on marriage over the past 12 months. And in that time, we've seen some terrible losses for this cherished institution. But the truth is that these radicals targeted the most liberal of states — states like Illinois and Hawaii where the political situation was set up perfectly for them — and they barely eked out some incredibly narrow victories despite pouring tens of millions of dollars into their campaigns. Well, guess what? They've run out of easy targets. There are no remaining states where Democrats control both legislative houses and the governorship, except in West Virginia which is a very socially conservative state. And we have marriage amendments in place in 30 states to preserve marriage. Here is where the false narrative of "inevitability" ends — but only with your help! Please click here right away to make a generous donation of $25, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 if God has given you the means, and help us turn the tide and take back marriage in America! The fight for marriage goes on — but in the coming year, the fight turns to states like Ohio and Indiana — states in which we have a decided advantage! In these states THE PEOPLE will decide at the ballot box — not activist judges or legislators who betray the majority. We can win these contests — if we have the resources to get our message out." - Brian Brown, whose hate group was yesterday revealed to be operating at an annual loss in the millions. (Via email)

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