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Frothy Flick Flops

Despite aggressive marketing to evangelical churches nationwide, Rick Santorum's first movie release appears to be a major flop.
The power of prayer has failed to save The Christmas Candle, the new release from Rick Santorum's faith based film studio, EchoLight. The Christmas Candle, set in the fictional English village of Gladbury and billed as "a timeless holiday film for the entire family", attracted widespread critical scorn as well as dismal box-office results, having grossed just over $1.6m  after two weeks on release. Former presidential candidate Santorum, who took to the media shortly before the film's release to lambast Hollywood as "the devil's playground" will presumably find it easy to shrug off critical brickbats; less easy to swallow will be the ignominious box office results. Its opening weekend, on a small "platform" release on just 5 screens, took a respectable $68,000; but in its second week, when it expanded to over 390, it took less than $1m. The crucial screen average was an extremely moderate $2,500.
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