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HAWAII: Judge Smacks Down Christian Bid To Block Same-Sex Marriage

Via the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:
Circuit Court Judge Karl Sakamoto ruled today against same-sex marriage opponents and refused to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent the state from granting marriage licenses to gay couples starting on Dec. 2. After hearing arguments for about an hour, Sakamoto said that while the plaintiffs had standing to file their request for a TRO, the state Legislature has the power to define marriage in the state of Hawaii. He said regulating marriage was "long regarded as the province of the state. The marriage equity bill was signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Neil Abercrombie. Sakamoto heard the request by state Rep. Bob McDermott and a group of Christians for a TRO to prevent the state from issuing marriage licenses. In court documents filed Wednesday, the state opposed the request. Deputy Attorney General John Molay argued that McDermott and the others lack standing to bring the legal challenge because they have not demonstrated the potential for actual harm from same-sex marriage.
McDermott told the court that his "reputation and electability will suffer" because he told voters that the 1998 constitutional amendment would ban same-sex marriage. (Tipped by JMG reader Rob)

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