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Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel To Become World's Third Out Prime Minister

Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel is about to join Belgium's Elio Di Rupo as one of Europe's two currently serving out prime ministers. Via Buzzfeed:
Currently the Mayor of Luxembourg City, the 40-year old been formally designated as “formateur” by Grand Duke Henri, the country’s head of state. This means he’s in charge of forming a coalition government with the Greens and Socialists and if all goes to plan he’ll become Prime Minister within the next few weeks. Although Luxembourg is a tiny country of just 540,000 people it plays a major role in the European Union, meaning Bettel is likely to become a major figure in Brussels.
The world's first out national leader was former Icelandic Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, whose term ended earlier this year. Hit the link for Buzzfeed's interview with Bettel.

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