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NEBRASKA: Hate Crime Charges For Man Who Attacked Lesbian Couple

On Thursday, a Lincoln, Nebraska man and an accomplice attacked his sister and her fiance with a crowbar for offending Islam with their relationship. Both women escaped without injuries.
Police say Ahmad Tuma's sister and her fiancee arrived at home near 27th & M when he and a friend, 20-year-old Nathan Marks ran up to them. Police say Tuma tried to hit her with a crow bar. The couple escaped into their car, but police say Tuma repeatedly hit the car with the crowbar. "They were in fear for their lives, he had made some verbal threats to kill the sister," Officer Katie Flood with the Lincoln Police Dept. said. Police say the couple drove off, but Marks and Tuma got into Marks' pickup and followed, ramming them from behind nearly into oncoming traffic on S. 27th Street. The couple were able to get away and call police. Tuma was arrested for attempted 2nd degree assault, criminal mischief, two counts of terroristic threats and use of a weapon to commit a felony. All of the charges except use of a weapon carry a hate crime enhancement.
Tuma's accomplice also faces multiple felony charges.  A video report on the attack is at the link.

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