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NOM Goes After Fred Karger

NOM's attorneys have sent archenemy Fred Karger the above letter (dated November 1st, but only just received) in which they demand that he not destroy any information he may have regarding the leaking of their tax return to the Human Rights Campaign, where Karger does not work. Via press release from Karger:
Exactly four years ago Karger filed charges against NOM with the Maine Ethics’ Office for alleged money laundering in that state’s 2009 marriage election, Two weeks later NOM, with the backing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church), subpoenaed Karger in another federal lawsuit and requested virtually all the same information that they are attempting to gather now. We fought back against NOM and its millionaire backers then and we will do it again,” said Karger who heads up Rights Equal Rights. “NOM doesn't like to obey state and federal election laws and when I call them out, they go after me.” “I am a one person organization and they are attempting to destroy me with these frivolous legal actions. I will once again seek support and fight back against NOM head mega-bully Brian Brown and his army of lawyers.”
Embiggen the letter to read NOM's demands. Act Right, by the way, is another one of Brian Brown's organizations.

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