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Obama's Announces Health Care Fix

Via the Chicago Tribune:
President Barack Obama offered a fix to his troubled healthcare law today that would allow insurance companies to extend for one year the health plans of Americans that would otherwise face cancellation. Struggling to convince Americans he is on top of the growing crisis around the Affordable Care Act, Obama disclosed that he was not informed directly that the glitch-prone website might not work the way it was supposed to work when enrollment began on Oct. 1.

He declined to say that all problems with the website would be ironed out by a Nov. 30 deadline but said there would the improvements would be "marked and noticeable." In remarks in the White House briefing room, Obama said he has not been happy about the healthcare law's rollout and that he understands Americans' frustration with it. To those Americans who have already had their health plans canceled and complained about it, "I hear you loud and clear," he said.
Shockingly, wingnuts sites are screaming.

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