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One Million Moms Vs Family Guy

Via email:
Dear Joe, It is a violation of federal law for broadcasters to air indecent material on publicly-owned airwaves when children are likely to be in the viewing audience. Yet that is EXACTLY what the Fox Broadcast Network (not to be confused with Fox News) did this past Sunday, November 10th, with its most recent episode of Family Guy. The network brags to its advertisers that Family Guy is "#1 with Teens" and because it is a cartoon, the show is watched by tens of thousands of young children every week. What were children exposed to on Sunday's episode of Family Guy? Unbelievably vile sexual content - including "jokes" about child molestation, exploitation, rape and the sexualized use of food and perverse 'internal defrosting' of frozen hot dogs. Beyond the repugnant sexual content, the overall theme of the episode was that it is humorous for a boy to bully and beat up a girl.
The email concludes with a link to the FCC's complaint page.

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