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Progress Report: The Ark Encounter

Kentucky's Creation Museum is building a new attraction.
When Noah built the Ark, it stood as a symbol of salvation. No doubt Noah preached that only those who went through the Ark’s door would be saved from coming judgment. What if we built the Ark (out of wood) today? Imagine the impact it could have on the world. What a powerful outreach to teach the world about God’s Word and the message of salvation! It’s true that we don’t know exactly what the original Ark looked like. We know some of its basic details and dimensions (300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits), so our Ark will be roughly the same size as Noah’s. Also, by studying ancient ships and the techniques used to construct them, we can gather clues to help us figure out what the Ark may have looked like. This issue really just comes down to semantics. Our Ark won’t be a true replica in the dictionary sense of the word (i.e., like the original in every way). For that reason, some of us have avoided describing our Ark as a replica; it is our best attempt to reconstruct the biblical vessel.
Donations are being solicited. For a mere $10 you can pay for one of the ark's wooden pegs. But if you really love Jesus, you can have your name on a beam for $500.

(Via Christian Nightmares)

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