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Quote Of The Day - Pastor Mark Driscoll

"Sin is like water. It always finds the cracks and the low points where it can settle in to cause erosion. Deception is where we twist the truth into a weapon for harm and destruction. Cheating in school. Half-truths on a resume. Falsifying reports at work. Double-billing clients. And, pastors are notorious for 'borrowing' material. All of us are guilty of deception to some degree. Its prevalence, however, does not change the fact that deception is a demonic, satanic issue." - Pastor Mark Driscoll, of Seattle's Mars Hill megachurch, who has been busted for plagiarism in his latest book. Driscoll's "borrowing" was noticed by anti-gay crackpot (and JMG hater) Janet Mefferd.

RELATED: In 2011 Driscoll declared that male masturbation is a form of homosexuality because it is sex with a man.

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