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Christian Broadcaster Vic Eliason: Bestiality Is Part Of The Gay Lifestyle

"There is a move to legitimatize this type of blood. It’s been banned but the efforts to legitimatize it in my estimation are occurring because there is a lifestyle that is abnormal, that is the target of normalization. Meaning, if they can make it normal to circulate homosexual blood; if they can make it normal to have same genders marrying each other; if they can make it normal for immoral and vulgar relationships between same-gender people, along with those who may have a bent — and I apologize for being this blunt — but the issue of pedophilia, or the molestation of children; or — and this is pushing the limits —bestiality, which happens also to be part of the abnormal, homosexual and immoral lifestyle." - Vic Eliason, speaking on the Voice of Christian Youth radio, which is broadcast on 31 stations in nine states.

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