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CNN Hosts Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins For Polygamy Discussion

Carlos Maza writes for Equality Matters:
CNN allowed hate group leader Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), to baselessly accuse marriage equality of creating a slippery slope to polygamy after asking him whether the growing acceptance of homosexuality was to blame for the decriminalization of polygamous relationships in Utah. Once again, Perkins took CNN's bait, reveling in the opportunity to blame marriage equality for a decision that did not once mention same-sex marriage. CNN failed to inform its viewers about Perkins status as a hate group leader, his history of anti-LGBT extremism, or that his organization has a track record of being stunningly, embarrassingly wrong about predicting the consequences of LGBT equality. Instead, the network found it easier to let a hate group wax poetic about how the Supreme Court really made a mistake when it stopped letting states throw people in jail just for being gay.

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