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"Ex-Gay" Michael Glatze Marries

Wayne Besen writes at Truth Wins Out:
One can’t be an official “ex-gay” rock star until wedding bells ring. Apparently, this happened for publicity hound Michael Glatze, who married his prop, er bride, Rebekah, on October 26. Here are the wedding photographs of Glatze in fundie drag. The victim is attractive and seems rather sweet. I hope she knows what she’s getting into. Mr. Glatze worked for XY Magazine and was the co-founder of a short-lived LGBT teenie-bopper mag, Young Gay America. Suddenly, he broke up with his boyfriend and had what appeared to be a nervous breakdown, where he had severe panic attacks about dying. During these disturbing episodes, he renounced his sexual orientation and temporarily converted to Mormonism. Though he had dived into the Mormon faith with gusto, he just as quixotically abandoned this faith to become an outspoken fundamentalist Christian.
Besen notes that Glatze had a short time in the "ex-gay" spotlight as his racist and vitriolic columns for World Net Daily were too much for even the "ex-gay" industry. Glatze: "Have I mentioned lately how utterly *disgusting* Obama is? And, yes, it’s because he’s black. God, help us all."

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