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Fox Panel: Outrage About Phil Robertson

Mediaite recaps:
After showing a statement from Robertson regarding his homophobic remarks, Kelly turned to the panel, and right off the bat Bernard Whitman condemned Robertson’s “disgusting,” “really reprehensible” remarks and said he should get the boot. Arthur Aidala and Monica Crowley vehemently disagreed, and all three got in a heated back-and-forth about the free speech issues here. Aidala cried, “There’s something called the First Amendment!” Crowley called it a “classic example of the word police, political correctness.” Whitman shot back that Robertson has every right to say hateful things at “hate speech conventions” but remarks like that have no place in the public square. He said, “Our country’s not founded on hate.” Aidala shot back, “No, it’s founded on free speech!”
Bernard Whitman FTW.

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