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Greg Louganis: Sochi Athletes Should Publicly Thank Gay Supporters

Olympic legend Greg Louganis is opposed to a boycott of the Sochi Games, but he has an idea about how athletes could make a statement there without raising the ire of the IOC. Via USA Today:
Greg Louganis urged American Olympians on Friday to dedicate their performances at February's Sochi Games to their gay friends and relatives as a means of public but personal protest against Russian anti-gay laws. Louganis said as he understands the law, Olympic athletes in Sochi could potentially be in trouble for wearing rainbow pins in support of the LGBT movement. That, he said, is why he thinks athletes should publicly thank gay friends and relatives who have supported them in their road to the Olympics. "I don't see how the IOC can say anything about that, because it's personal, not political," Louganis said. "If you have a supportive aunt, uncle, cousin, friend who is gay, you don't win a gold medal by yourself. There is a team of people behind you. And to recognize those people is a way athletes can show their support of the LGBT community and what's going on in Russia."
Louganis says that he got hate mail from gay people after he first declared his opposition to a boycott.

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