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Happy New Year, JMG Community!

Yet another eventful year has come and gone for this here website thingy. In 2013 we saw nearly 28 million pageviews on just over 10,000 posts on which you folks left over a million comments.  As I mentioned in this post last year, news blogging is like a homework assignment that is never done, but is always due. Nevertheless, you all make it a lot easier with your emails, your story tips, and your encouragement.

Years from now it might be argued that 2013 was the most momentous in the history of our movement. From Edith Windsor's DOMA win to the final overturn of Prop 8 to state after state coming into the light of civil equality, it was truly breathtaking the speed at which our victories piled up. But as we saw with the intensely ugly spectacle at the Hawaii statehouse, the enemies of justice, to a discouraging degree, remain committed to inflicting religious dogma upon secular laws. Still, even with all the battles already lined up for 2014, the future does indeed look fabulously, glitteringly gay.

I thank you all for your robust opinions and for making the JMG comments section the most lively in the entire homo-blogosphere, even if Eric Holder ends up knocking on my door. (Yeah, right!) I'm happy to have met so many of you at the 2013 JMG meetups around the country and look forward to meeting many more of you over the next year. Tonight, I'll be raising my glass to each and every one of our flying monkeys. I'll be raising it a lot!

SPECIAL THANKS: Special thanks go out as always to JMG's behind-the-scenes copy editor Betty (AKA Birdie) who corrects my sleep-deprived syntax, careless typos, and brain-freeze misspellings!

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