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HomoQuotable - Doug Mainwaring

"Men who are considering leaving their wives and families to follow the gay dream should consider this: You will cross your fingers and hope everyone will be proud of you for being brave enough to be 'true to yourself.' And even though it will most likely remain unstated in deference to you, the biggest thing your children will understand is that 'Daddy loves the genitals of other men more than he loves us.' To state it in a more vulgar, but perhaps truer way: 'Daddy wants dick more than he wants to keep our family together.' If you cherish your children and value their love, don't ruin your life and the lives of others by answering some fake meme about being 'true' to yourself. Be true, instead, to your children and your wife. In so doing, you will do far more for yourself and your own happiness than you will following LGBT orthodoxy. Experiencing gay sex, even if it is only as a voyeur through the internet, opens a Pandora's box, allowing great and tragic evil to be inflicted upon our families. And we are to blame if we allow it to happen." - Self-hating homosexual and Tea Party activist Doug Mainwaring, writing for American Thinker.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Mainwaring gets discovered by Rush Limbaugh. Mainwaring speaks at NOM's hate rally in Washington DC.  Mainwaring joins fellow homocon Robert Oscar Lopez in filing an anti-gay SCOTUS brief against the overturn of DOMA. Mainwaring appears on a National Review panel with Maggie Gallagher and Mark Regnerus.

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