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Houston Mayor Annise Parker To Marry?

Houston Mayor Annise Parker had previously said that she wouldn't marry her partner of 23 years until it becomes legal in Texas.  But according to Culture Map Houston, a wedding is now planned for next month.
"The world is changing so fast, maybe I won't wait that long," Parker said last week in a year-end interview with CultureMap when asked when she would marry. "I'm no longer worried that (gay marriage in Texas) is not going to happen in my lifetime. After the Supreme Court ruling and the number of states that now have equal marriage, it's coming." Since then CultureMap has learned that Parker and Hubbard are making wedding plans. Several sources close to the couple said they plan to marry in mid-January in a low-key ceremony in Palm Springs, Calif.
A spokesperson for the mayor declined to confirm the report. (Tipped by JMG reader Joe)

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