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HuffPo Switches To Facebook Commenting

The Huffington Post today announced that in order to bring "civility and accountability" to their comments, they are switching to a (mostly) Facebook-based system.
When you log in to your account and go to make a comment, you will be prompted to link your commenting account to your verified Facebook account. Then, choose how you'd like your name to be displayed. You can either display your first and last names, or your first name and last initial. This is the only information that will be viewable to the community at large, and you will have control over your private information via Facebook's privacy settings. If you do not want to link your Huffington Post account to Facebook, you can still log in to your account and fan and fave other users and their comments. And if, for whatever reason, you fear posting a comment under your name -- if you are a whistleblower, or fear harassment, or any other reason -- you can apply for the right to comment anonymously by filling out this form.
The last line of the above connects readers to an "appeal of commenting pseudonym" application. Should JMG switch to Facebook commenting too, before Eric Holder kicks in my door? Naw, I floated that idea here a couple of years ago and most of you shook your fists at me.

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