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JMG Readers Marry In Australia

Via email from two days ago: "Hi there Joe, So last night my partner and I were one of the first couples to get married in Australia. Also wanted to say thanks for all the great work you do on your website, for the last 5 yrs JoeMyGod has been the first site I check in the morning, quite often before I've even said good morning to my now husband. The stories you share each and every day inspire me to continue to strive for equality. Kind regards, Dennis Liddelow."

Their wedding made the national press:
Stephen Dawson is a WA state Labor MP and his new husband Dennis Liddelow is a former DJ turned public servant. They are the first same-sex couple to make use of ACT marriage laws that came into effect on Saturday. In a traditional set of vows, Mr Dawson pledged to Mr Liddelow to love and trust, in sickness and health. After the ceremony, Mr Dawson was asked how it felt to be married. "I feel jubilant," he said. Up to 20 other couples from the ACT, Victoria, NSW and Queensland are due to hold their own ceremonies in Canberra later on Saturday, in the first legally-recognised same-sex unions in an Australian jurisdiction. But the marriages may be short lived if a Commonwealth High Court challenge to validity of the ACT law is successful. The Commonwealth argues the federal Marriage Act is the sole governing legislation. The High Court will rule on the matter on December 12.
Everybody cross your fingers for Thursday's ruling!

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