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OMG! Gay Wedding! Boycott!

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is sponsoring a same-sex wedding to take place atop a float in the coming Rose Bowl Parade. And that has some busybodies very upset.
Karen Grube, of San Diego, said the Tournament of Roses should remove the AHF float from the parade. She has also called on corporate sponsors to remove their support of the parade if the wedding goes on as planned. And, she has set up a Facebook page seeking support for her cause. “Gay marriage is illegal in over 30 states, why would they promote something that is blatantly illegal?” Grube said. “That’s just stupid.” The 2014 Rose Parade is the first where gay marriage has been legal in California, following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that deemed Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Grube also said she didn’t think the Tournament should be involved in a group’s “political agenda.” “It used to be a family thing, to get up on New Year’s Day morning and watch the parade,” she said. “It no longer is.”
Here's the Facebook page for the boycott.

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