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Quote Of The Day - John Nolte

"Make no mistake about the anti-Christian leftists in Hollywood, the mainstream media, and GLAAD; the goal here is to put on a bitter Show Trial until A&E caves even further and yanks 'Duck Dynasty' off the air. The problem for A&E and the political left, though, is that in today's world, the boys of 'Duck Dynasty' hold all the cards. What the Left is going to do over the next few weeks is launch a McCarthyistic campaign to toxify 'Duck Dynasty' right out of Hollywood. The political left and the media already hated the show for daring to be proudly Southern, proudly Christian, and a monstrous hit; so the bonus of toxifying Christianity as de facto bigotry while killing the show is seen as something of two-fer among this crowd. But whether this anti-Christian jihad is successful or not, it can only backfire." - John Nolte, writing for Breitbart.

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