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Scott Lively Denounces Homocons

"Our embrace of people like Tammy Bruce and Camille Paglia (as brilliant as the latter may be to quote on feminist issues) is the 'synthesis' phase of the Hegelian dialectic and poisonous to our theology and agenda. The rise of 'conservative' homosexuals is a ruse to sucker us into endorsing 'gay rights' in a slightly different form. Think about it for a moment. If these people were truly on our side politically or ideologically they would consider their homosexual inclinations a private matter and a challenge to be overcome, and never publicly identify as 'gay.' Lets have compassion for homosexuals but never align ourselves with them politically or give them a platform to legitimize their lifestyle. Anyone who self-identifies as a unrepentant homosexual is an enemy of the truth, no matter how 'conservative' they may sound. Love them as lost sheep, but hate the false premise they live their lives by.  When we endorse 'conservative gays' we are helping the entire 'gay' movement to advance at the expense of the Bible. Lets not dance with the devil!" - Hate group leader Scott Lively, failing to mention Matt Drudge, the most infamous homocon of them all.

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