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Six Californias

The drive to break up California is reaching new heights of crazy with the Six Californias website, which features little more than the above graphic and an email contact. Still, the site is being excitedly passed around in Teabagistan.  Today the Verge tells us that the Six Californias plan is the brainchild of venture capitalist Tim Draper:
While the state of Silicon Valley hires more overseas engineers, Draper imagines, a new "South California" could simultaneously crack down on immigration. "West California" could cater laws to Hollywood and defense contractors, and "Central California" could focus on farming and water rights without city slickers getting in the way. But Draper is serious about the idea. He believes he can get the the proposal on California's ballot next November. The venture capitalist already submitted a five-page proposal to the California Attorney General, and he hopes to embark on a grassroots campaign to raise the nearly one-million signatures it would require to put the idea to a preliminary vote next year. At a press conference on Monday, he joked that he would spend "as little as possible" of his own money on the campaign, but suggested that he would personally fund the first step. "I will make sure it gets on the ballot," he told reporters in attendance.
Would San Francisco be the capital of the state of Silicon Valley? Mountain View?

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