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Today's Money Beg From Brian Brown

"I wanted to stack up some numbers for you to let you know where marriage in America stands as of this moment: States that currently define marriage as the union of one man and one woman: 34. States that have state constitutional amendments protecting that definition: 30. States that have redefined marriage to include homosexual couples: 16. Of those 16 states, marriage has been redefined by the courts (5 times) or by legislative action (11 times — Maine passing their law through referendum). What do these numbers tell me? The vast majority of America and the American people overwhelmingly back marriage. Same-sex 'marriage' activists are going to be very hard pressed for victories in the future. State constitutional amendments are the highest form of protection offered at the state level, and overcoming that won't be easy.  We still have several opportunities to add to our totals by passing state constitutional amendments in states favorable to our cause, like Indiana." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, who closes with the usual vow to destroy the careers of pro-marriage politicians.

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