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ABC's The Fosters Thanks One Million Moms For All The Free Publicity

Via the Associated Press:
The people behind the ABC Family show ‘‘The Fosters’’ say that criticism from the group One Million Moms contributed to it getting off to a strong start for the cable network. The show, which premiered last summer and returned to the schedule this week, features a biracial lesbian couple with a household of foster children. One Million Moms, affiliated with the conservative American Family Association, urged its followers to contact ABC Family last fall to stop the show when it was a pilot and the network had yet to pick it up. The group has said it objects to the show’s redefining of marriage and family. "A stamp of disapproval from One Million Moms is like a critic’s pick," said Peter Paige, executive producer of the show along with Jennifer Lopez, on Friday. "I'm incredibly grateful for their attention." Teri Polo, who plays one of the moms, said the criticism contributed to ‘‘The Fosters’’ getting more attention when it started than it otherwise might have.
Last week's season debut was the highest rated show among females aged 12-34, according to Nielsen. (Tipped by JMG reader Jane)

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