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Bishop Thomas Paprocki: Anti-Gay Exorcisms Are Totally An Act Of Love

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG:  In September 2012, Paprocki told his diocese that if they vote for a Democrat, Satan will take their soul. In January of 2013, Paprocki testified against same-sex marriage before the Illinois legislature. Paprocki then ordered all of the priests in his parish to read an anti-gay letter to their congregations.  Also in January 2013, Paprocki defended a priest in his diocese who was forced to call 911 to get him out of the handcuffs and ball-gag that he'd put on during some totally-not-gay self-pleasuring. According to Paprocki, the priest was merely engaging in "non-sexual self-bondage" as a means of relieving stress. Uh-HUH.

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