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Christopher Doyle: Western Gays Are The Reason Other Gays Face Stoning To Death

"Anti-gay laws in countries like Uganda, Nigeria, India, and Russia are not being created in a vacuum. I would argue that they are also not in direct response to indigenous gay rights movements. These countries are enacting laws as a response to gay activists’ intolerance towards traditional views on marriage and sexuality, and their attempts to silence the speech and beliefs of those who disagree with them. These activists are largely succeeding with their goals in Western countries, and are now importing their Communist strategies into other non-Western countries to achieve global dominance. Perhaps you should question whether these laws are the result of anti-gay countries, or gay activist’s intolerance of opposing views and disrespect for the religious values of billions of people around the globe?" - "Ex-gay" lunatic Christopher Doyle, essentially saying that YOU are the reason those gay men are about to be stoned to death in Nigeria.

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