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HomoQuotable - Jimmy LaSalvia

"Today, I joined the ranks of unaffiliated voters. I am every bit as conservative as I’ve always been, but I just can’t bring myself to carry the Republican label any longer. You see, I just don’t agree with the big-government ‘conservatives’ who run the party now. The other reason I am leaving is the tolerance of bigotry in the GOP. The current leadership lacks the courage to stand up to it – I’m not sure they ever will. I have worked hard to help to create an atmosphere on the right where conservatives can openly support gay Americans and even support same-sex marriage. In that effort, we have won, but there is more work to do to root out the anti-gay and other forms of bigotry in the party. So, now I feel huge sense of freedom. I am an independent conservative. That sounds much better than ‘gay Republican.’" - Former GOProud president Jimmy LaSalvia, writing on his blog. (Tipped by JMG reader Alan)

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