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Joseph Farah: Ted Cruz For President

"With all this heavy-duty investigative journalism and newfound faux enthusiasm for the Constitution suddenly on display, it’s obvious the No. 1 fear among the elite media is that Ted Cruz might actually run for president. They fear him not because he was born in Canada. They fear him not because of any concern for the U.S. Constitution. If anyone has the right and the duty to weigh in on Ted Cruz’s eligibility, it’s me – even though no one is asking. My answer is, 'I don’t care.' I don’t care because the Constitution was not written and ratified to be applied to some and not others. If no one cared about Obama’s questionable eligibility, despite his shocking lack of transparency and thin paper trail, then they have no business questioning Ted Cruz – who has released his birth certificate, renounced his Canadian citizenship [JMG: LIE!] and upheld every provision of the Constitution to the best of his ability throughout his life." - Joseph Farah, World Net Daily founder and birther-in-chief.

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