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Meanwhile At Buckingham Palace...

Britain's Express reports:
The flamboyant potter, renowned for his ceramic artwork depicting his darkest and most private feelings, wore an elegant midnight blue dress and matching fitted jacket with a wide-brimmed hat decorated with what appeared to be ostrich feathers. Perry, 53, once described Claire as "a cross between Katie Boyle and Camilla Parker-Bowles" but when reminded of it today, he laughed and said: "This is my Italian mother of the bride outfit." He admitted that his choice of outfit had been upper most in his thoughts when he heard the news that he was to be awarded the CBE for services to contemporary art. "When I got the call my first thought was: what am I going to wear? It's a serious thing. I'm not going to compromise my identity as Britain's pre-eminent transvestite. I Googled to see what people wore and went for the sexier end. I always do like the older woman who makes an effort."
Charles was giggling because he couldn't get the ribbon over the giant hat, not because Grayson was in drag. The press did note, however, that the investiture was scheduled for January when the Queen is usually out of town. Grayson, who is straight, first came to public notice in the early 80s when he and Boy George would go clubbing together. His wife and daughter were present for the ceremony. While today's outfit was suitably subdued for the occasion, Grayson usually looks like this. (Tipped by JMG reader Glenneth)

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