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NIGERIA: Thousands Throw Stones Into Sharia Court Demanding The Executions Of Eleven Gay Men

You wouldn't think it possible, but it's getting even worse in Nigeria. Via the Associated Press:
Thousands of protesters threw stones into the Shariah court in a north Nigerian city Wednesday, urging the speedy convictions and executions of 11 men arrested for belonging to gay organizations. Security officials fired into the air to disperse protesters in Bauchi city so the accused men could be safely returned to the prison. Judge El-Yakubu Aliyu closed the court abruptly. "No one can be sentenced to death until confirmed without a reasonable doubt," Aliyu said in response to calls for the men's execution. The court was arraigning seven of 11 accused men on Wednesday. Only three had given testimony when the mayhem began. The defense counsel was unable to submit an application for bail, and the rest of the defendants were unable to give testimony. It was unclear when the arraignments would resume.
The state of Bauchi has parallel civil and Sharia courts. The sodomy law stipulates that the death penalty can be carried out by public stoning or lethal injections.

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